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Jeniüs Ⅳ Monofacciale Jeniüs Ⅳ Bifacciale Jeniüs Ⅲ Monofacciale Jeniüs Ⅲ Bifacciale Jeniüs Ⅱ Monofacciale Jeniüs Ⅱ Bifacciale
  • Jeniüs Ⅲ Modulo Fotovoltaico monofacciale da 395W-550W
  • JT SEh 108 celle / JT SGh 144 celle

    Modulo Mono PREC a 144 celle, con progetto Half-cut e tecnologia MBB evoluta, potenza massima di uscita 550W, è perfetto per impianti industriali e commerciali montati a terra e per progetti Fotovoltaici residenziali.

  • Module
    Split module design, 1/4 Rs loss; Current in half, lower hot spot temperature
  • Cell 91 x 182 mm
    MBB Mono PERC cells, with round solder strip, enhance power generation efficiency
  • Glass 3.2 mm
    High strength and transparency coated tempered glass
  • Frame 35 mm
    Ultra-strong anodized aluminum alloy frame, high mechanical load
  • Junction Box IP68
    High waterproof and dustproof level, higher security
  • Cable 4.0 mm2
    Special PV cable with high transmission performance, lower power loss

JT SEh 395W-415W   JT SGh 530W-550W
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  • 2
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  • 2

Cells:108 [2x(6x9)]

Module Dimensions:1724 x 1134 x 35 mm

Module Weight:22.2 kg

  Cells:144 [2x(6x12)]
Module Dimensions:2279 x 1134 x 35 mm
Module Weight:29 kg

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Product datasheet
JT SEh 395W-415W JT SGh 530W-550W

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